Grimas is a Dutch company that develops and produces professional makeup products for the hobby market, including primary schools.

Since the professionals use the products intensively and children may be more sensitive to substances than adults because of their body volume, this imposes high additional requirements on the composition of the products.

There are strict regulations for makeup products produced in Europe. Denmark has gone one step further, imposing extra safety requirements for children. Category A certificates for other Grimas products used by children have been applied for and obtained in Denmark.

Each Grimas product and indeed each different color of a product has its own label stating the ingredients. This is particularly important for allergies.

An allergy is an overreaction of the body to a specific substance. People can for instance be allergic to nutrients (lactose), substances in the air (pollen) or cosmetic ingredients (perfume). This does not mean that these compounds are harmful in general. After all, an allergic reaction is an individual response.

In order to ensure that the products are safe, Grimas uses the pure forms of all raw materials. You can find a list of ingredients under the heading of Colors, Sizes and Ingredients in the ‘Product information’ (for each product and even for each batch).

Grimas has a traditional approach, but production is nevertheless high-tech and made under strict hygiene conditions to ensure that the products are bacteriologically safe.

The composition of Water Make-up, for example, ensures that no microorganisms can grow in it. A sample is taken from every batch and sent to the laboratory to be checked.

We carry out challenge tests on products that are used with water, in a way that we can guarantee their safety in the longer term as well. This involves deliberately adding pathogenic bacteria and molds to see whether the product composition kills them or not. The product is only supplied with the market after it passed the test. Grimas produces for a large number of countries: traditionally, professionally and safely.

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