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water makeup pearl, وُوترمكآب بِرل


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Grimas Water Make-up Pearl Pure is an unperfumed, gluten-free, glossy water-based make-up, intended for face-painting and body-painting. 
Water Make-up works just like watercolour paint. The colours can be mixed together.

Pure means that the product in question does not contain any chemical preservatives (such as parabens) or halogenated organic compounds.

The Water Make-up Pearl Pure is available in palettes of 6 or 12 x 2,5 ml cups. In addition the colours can be ordered individually in A1(2,5 ml) and in 15, 25 and 60ml packaging. Click a colour to see the sizes available in that colour. 
There are 41 matt Water Make-up (Pure) colours plus 12 Pearl shades.

Water Make-up (Pure) can be applied directly onto the skin, but you can also first apply a layer of Grimas Cake Make-up. This has the benefit of allowing the colours of Water Make-up (Pure) to be applied more evenly and more vividly and also that they are easier to remove later. Cake Make-up dries quickly and does not mix with the Water Make-up (Pure). 
When you work with Water Make-up Pure, it is important to apply it to a clean, non-greasy skin. This will allow the make-up to stick to the skin better and to keep its effect longer. Water Make-up works just like watercolour paint. Use a brush or a make-up sponge and a little water to make the surface of the colour soft and pasty. Don't work too dry, but do not use too much water. Water Make-up (Pure) dries within 15 seconds.
If you do not want the colours to mix, be sure to wait for the first layer to dry before applying another colour over it or up against it. 
Regularly change the water you rinse your brushes in and work preferably with two water dishes: one for light and one for dark shades.
Water Make-up (Pure) can also be applied to hair, as long as it has not been treated (perm, dye, bleach, henna). Use a toothbrush to do this.

You can lightly wash the skin with lukewarm water and soap (or shampoo) to already remove a great part. Massage it in briefly and rinse off with lukewarm water. Scrubbing too much with water and soap or shampoo can irritate the skin. 
You can clean the skin further if required with a cleansing milk or cleansing cream. Massage it in gently and remove it with a soft tissue.
Do not use Afschmink, as this contains waxes and oils which actually adhere the Water Make-up to the skin. 
Do not use ready-to-use cleansing cloths.

If a trace of colour is left on the skin, it can be removed with Grimas Cleansing Lotion. If the skin feels dry after cleaning, you can apply a care cream. 
Hair that has been coloured using Water Make-up (Pure) can be washed with shampoo.

Clearing up the materials 
If necessary, rinse the Water Make-up clean and wipe the surfaces of the colours dry with clean tissues. Let the make-up dry out in the air and only put the lid back on when the Water Make-up is dry. Store it in a dry and cool place until the next time you use it. 
The sponges are disposable so you can throw them away after use. If you do want to reuse them, first rinse them under the tap with some soap or shampoo or wash them in the washing machine (in a net bag or pillow case), set to at least 60°C. 
You can clean brushes with water and soap or shampoo. Put the moist hairs of the brushes back into shape by hand after washing. Dry the brushes lying flat on a towel and do not place them upright, since that causes the moisture to run down into the shaft. 

وُوترميكآب جريماس، مكياج ذوأساس مائي(ينحل في الماء) من جريماس. منتج طبيعي لايحتوي على أي مواد حافظة أو إضافات كيميائية وغير معطر.
يستخدم ووتر ميكاآب للوجه والجسم و رسم الحواجب، ألوانه المختلفه يمكن خلطها مع بعضها بسهولة. يأتي ووتر ميكآب في مجموعات (بالت) (12)قطعة أو (6) قطع وحجم القطعة الواحدة(2.5 مل) كما يأتي بأحجام كبيرة حجم القطعة 15 مل. ألوان ووتر ميكآب تشمل 41 لون غير لامع(مات) و(12) لونا لامع (شاين).
يمكن وضع ووتر ميكآب مباشرة على البشرة أو يمكن البدء باستخدام طبقة رقيقة من كيك ميكآب على البشرة ومن ثم يوضع ووتر ميكآب فوقها مما يجعل لون ووتر ميكآب أوضح وموزع بالتساوي كما يسهل إزالته فيمابعد.
يوضع ووتر ميكآب على بشرة نظيفة و غير دهنية من أجل دوام أفضل للمكياج. لوضع ووتر ميكآب تُستخدم فرشاة أو إسفنجة مكياج مبللة بالماء كون ووتر ميكآب لايتسخدم جافا، مع مراعاة ألَّاتكون الفرشاة أو الإسفنجة مبللة كثيرا. ووتر ميكآب سريع الجفاف خلال (15) ثانية فقط، لذلك في حال عدم الرغبة في مزج ألوان المكياج تعطى الطبقة الأولى وقت لتجف ومن ثم توضع الطبقة الثانية فوقها وهكذا.
عند العمل مع ووتر ميكآب يفضل استخدام وعائين للمياه واحد للألوان الغامقة و واحد للألوان الفاتحة.
ملاحظه: يمكن استخدام ووترميكآب لتلوين الشعر بشكل مؤقت.
أولا يُغسل الوجه برفق بالماء الفاتر والصابون (أوالشامبو). ثم يستخدم كلينزنك ميلك(غسول) أو كلينزينك كريم جريماس وفي النهاية يستخدم كلينزينك لوشن جريماس لتنظيف البشرة. في حال كانت البشرة جافة يمكن استخدام كرينم العنية بالبشرة آندر ميكآب جريماس.
الشعر الملون باستخدام ووتر ميكآب يغسل بسهولة بالماء.


Packaging Color: grey Content: 15 ml
Appearance Paste in glossy colors.
Ingredients See label and composition.
Toxicology Assessed against the Cosmetics Regulation (1223/2009/EC).
Improper use Assessed according to the standard of consuming regularly the content of the largest package size ( 60 ml ) . No toxicological effect.
Bacteriology Contains less than 50 CFUs/g of bacteria, yeasts and moulds. Pathogens: not present. Work hygienically: with clean hands, clean water and clean materials.
Dermatology See dermatological declaration.
Use on children Suitable for use on children. Has the Danish A-category certificate.
Around the eyes May be used near the eyes.
On the mucous membranes May be used on the mucous membranes.
Make-up in the eyes Rinse with water.
Storage Store in a dry, dark place. Dry with a tissue after use.
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