Terms & Conditions


Payment method: 
Payment for the orders is “currently” possible only in online form via master card, visa card, credit card and Paypal and the orders registered in reserved and not paid form on the website will not be responded.

The products price are incorporated with three different currencies with dirham (U.A.E. currency) as default on the website and you can change it into dollar or euro. 

Note 1: Dirham and euro can be changed into dollar while connecting to the payment portal and you will pay its dollar equivalent. 
Note 2: Order dispatching cost will be added to the end of invoice as well. 
Note 3: In case of having discount coupon, please enter the considered code at the related section to have a discount. 

Time and method of delivery: 
Grimas products’ sales on this website will not be limited only to U.A.E. and all applicants throughout the world especially Middle East can purchase via this website. 
To send the orders, we will consider the shortest possible time. The origin of the goods dispatch is Dubai in U.A.E. and sending the goods to Dubai and then to other cities of U.A.E. will be made within 1 or 3 days. 
Sending the goods to other countries will be made from 3 to 7 days depending on the distance. 

Dispatching costs:
Goods dispatching costs will be calculated according to the table below and will be added to the invoice:

Zone Zone 1 * Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5 Zone 6 Zone 7 Zone 8 Zone 9
 Delivery Cost 24 AED 35 AED 45 AED 55 AED 75 AED 100 AED 115 AED 125 AED 160 AED
  Dubai India Bahrain Pakistan Saudi
Cambodia Bangladesh Canada Rest of the World
  Sharjah   Oman     China Belgium USA  
  Ajman   Hong Kong Cyprus  
  Jebel Ali Indonesia Egypt
  Abu Dhabi Japan France
  Ras Al
Korea South Germany
  Umm Al
Kuwait Guernsey
  Al Ain Malaysia Iran
  Fujairah Philippines Ireland
  Out Side City Limits Thailand Italy
  Singapore Jersey
  Vietnam Jordan
    Sri Lanka
    United Kingdom
      Vatican City


Rejection and refunding:
Please pay enough attention while purchasing since the goods rejection and refunding will be impossible due to hygienic issues. 

Users and products: 
Vision Empire Company is the exclusive representative and the only legal agent for Grimas products’ sales throughout the Middle East and all the information contained on this website is legal and all the necessary permissions are obtained. 
In addition, all the personal information of the users and your privacy will be fiduciary before the website manager and we will be obliged to them. 

Price and originality of the products: 
All the prices contained on the website are in accordance with the Netherlands’ Grimas Company and all the products are original and made in Netherlands. 

In case of any questions or following the order, please contact all the days except the holidays between 10 – 18 in U.A.E. time. 

You can contact me through Whats’app as well: 00971501889677