Grimas Certificates


Grimas Academy was founded with the goal of introducing techniques for correct use of Grimas products according to global standards, by selecting topnotch trainers and experts and creating a powerful network in the field of make-up and training.

Grimas Gold Diploma is the official certificate and license of training which is given to make-up artists and trainers who successfully pass the technical course of Grimas Academy.

Refresher courses, to keep the trainers up-to-date with the latest developments in the art of make-up to ensure that they have sufficient knowledge of modern techniques and products to pass on to their trainees, are held annually in Central Academies of Amsterdam, Dubai or Tehran.

You can contact Grimas Central Academies to join the great family of Grimas golden trainers in your country.

Amsterdam: +31-614145576 Dubai: +971-501889677 Tehran: +98-9126954939


To teach students and beauty salon employees the use of Grimas make-up techniques, Grimas Gold trainers use curricula and specific programs in two levels (Bronze and Silver), provided by Grimas Academy.

To achieve Bronze level a total of 24 hours of training is required, while Silver level requires a total of 36 hours of training.

After completing the training successfully the trainees receive the related diploma from Grimas Academy.

This certificate implies that the applicant has passed the course on a specific level and its holder has made a step in their knowledge of and abilities in the art of makeup.