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eyebrow fixer, المثبت الحاجب


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Made in: Netherlands
Size: 5 ml
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Grimas Eyebrow Fixer is a strong fixing, transparent liquid used to model the eyebrows and keep them in shape. The Eyebrow Fixer is in a glass mascara container with application brush. The content is 5 ml.

Do not use near the eyes.
If you wish you can touch up the colour of the eyebrows first with Grimas Eyeshadow/Rouge or a make-up pencil in a suitable shade. You can also mix the Eye Shadow/Rouge with the Eyebrow Fixer on a spatula.

Use the brush to apply a thin layer of Eyebrow Fixer to the eyebrows. Use the brush to fix the hairs in the right direction. You can repeat the process several times, each time only using a little of the product.

You remove Eyebrow Fixer with Grimas Cleansing Cream, Cleansing Milk or Cleansing Lotion. You can also use remove the Eyebrow Fixer with water and a mild soap (for example while showering). 

آيبرو فيكسر جريماس، مثبت حواجب قوي و شفاف من جريماس يستخدم لإعطاء شكل للحواجب والحفاظ عليه. يتوفر في عبوات بحجم(5مل).
لايستخدم قرب العينين. يتم استخدام آيشدو روج ، ووتر ميكآب(water makeup) أو قلم الحواجب أولا ثم يوضع آيبرو فيكسر لإعطاء الحواجب الشكل المطلوب. 
يستخدم كلينزنك ميلك(غسول) أو كلينزينك كريم من أجل إزالة مثبت الحواجب أويمكن غسله بالماء فقط.
Packaging Color: transparent (cap with brush) Content: 5 ml
Appearance Clear syrupy liquid.
Ingredients See label and composition.
Toxicology Assessed against the Cosmetics Regulation (1223/2009/EC). Contains Ethanol, known to be toxic and harmful to the unborn baby.
Improper use Use on a limited area of the skin. Keep out of reach of children.
Bacteriology Contains less than 50 CFUs/g of bacteria, yeasts and moulds. Pathogens: not present. Work hygienically.
Dermatology Frequent removal may dehydrate the skin. Take care of the skin after use.
Use on children Not suitable for children.
Around the eyes Do not use near the eyes.
On the mucous membranes Do not use on the mucous membranes.
Make-up in the eyes Can cause serious damage to the eyes. Rinse at length with water, remove contact lenses and consult an ophthalmologist.
Storage Close packaging properly. Store in a dry, dark place. Ethanol is a fire hazard. Do not use near open flame.
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